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As the Acting Administrator of Fresh Start Academy, I extend a warm and heartfelt welcome as we approach the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. We are truly delighted to welcome you to our school community, embarking on an exciting journey of education and personal growth at Fresh Start Academy Middle/High School.


Our paramount objective is to deliver world-class instruction every day, grounded in the unwavering belief that each scholar possesses the potential to achieve their very best. Our strength lies in our collaborative and cooperative approach, fostering opportunities for both academic achievement and social-emotional development.


Our committed staff members are dedicated to delivering the highest level of academic engagement while implementing positive behavior strategies. Beyond academics, we place significant emphasis on cultivating community awareness, nurturing social responsibility, and encouraging active civic involvement.


I eagerly anticipate the prospect of working together as a unified family. Our shared goal is to ensure that our scholars receive the most exceptional educational experience possible.


Our Vision Statement

Fresh Start Academy is a program that prepares scholars to excel academically in a stimulating, caring, and secure environment that fosters social emotional development.


Our Mission Statement

Fresh Start Academy exemplifies a non-traditional and transient program that fosters a nurturing learning environment, instilling core values of respect, responsibility, and self-control. Our core mission is to create a secure and enriching educational space that facilitates the holistic growth and development of each and every one of our scholars-our esteemed Kings and Queens. Our dedicated educators and administrators remain unwavering in their commitment to uphold this mission by nurturing the academic and emotional well-being of every scholar. Our ultimate goal is to mold students into well-rounded individuals, fully equipped to confidently navigate the dynamic challenges of an ever-evolving society.

In summary, Fresh Start Academy is unique in many ways:

First, we have built a solid academic and behavioral expectation plan to provide scholars with a rigorous educational program to improve their success.

We provide Character Education opportunities for making character and value clarification, including problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills. These services supplement the classroom curriculum with collaborative, interactive, and technology-based activities. Our long-term goal is for scholars to take responsibility for and control their behaviors so that they may become lifelong learners and contributors to their community.

The entire faculty and I look forward to the 2023-2024 school year and working with the scholars, the staff, and the families of Fresh Start Academy. With your support, collaboration, and cooperation, scholars will live our school motto: “Unlimited Potential!”


Educationally yours,


Mr. Devon Reed, Administrator